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Pre-production services

As the name suggests, it is the process of preparing all the elements involved in a presentation. It lasts till the beginning of the production itself and is very crucial one. It begins with the approval of a project. By the end of it, every related thing is expected to fall into place, satisfactorily.

The pre-production helps to generate extremely detailed schedule and make arrangements accordingly. A lot of research work along with content and concept designing and site survey goes hand in hand with the project.

We at SB Production take a pride in the understanding the client's requirement. Once understood, we apt for suitable theme, script and location. With the clear concept in our mind we come up with an appropriate script while bringing essence to the product. We go into the minutest detail of the project. Story board, budget, consultation, direction, production, management, planning, etc. are the other important parts of each and every project, be it a documentary or a feature film; be it a commercial film or an Ad. Each product receives utmost attention.