"Client's participation from the very first step."
We do business and we do that well, yet we are aware of the fact that it is the creator who knows his or her baby the best.

Initially, goals and strategies are defined but only after an exclusive dialogue with you. This helps us to understand your views and ideas and enables us to give them proper colour. Our unique and creative projects help deliver your message. Instead of relying on just one product from our side, you get to see quite a range of products to choose from. Your approval is must prior to the launching of the final product. At the same time, you will have access to ‘n’ number of options including film, tape, original music, 2-D or 3-D animation and so on.

With SB Production all the creative work including casting to finishing films, videos, audios, prints, A/V, CD-ROM or DVD is channelized under one roof.

We go that extra mile for you. . .

Yet, we will be working within your budget while giving you cent percent returns. After our initial discussion there are many aspects to handle. These are mainly related to the pre-production and post-production process. Pre-production includes research & development along with script, story-boards and location scouting.

Production comprises of the ‘making’ where the team of experts work together. The full service crew at SB Production includes directors, cinematographers, gaffers, grips….. The list is endless. This team makes it easy to handle the various formats and styles of filmmaking leaving no stone unturned.

The work does not come to an end with the shooting of the product. On the contrary, much is based on the post production treatment. Your feedback takes the editing to a better height. The resultant product is by default satisfactory as the television broadcast standards are followed meticulously. The graphic designers give life to the product while the sound and music effect add colours to it.

The product which goes on air is as per your satisfaction.