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There is no fixed boundary line that can separate a feature film from a short film. Yet, we can say that a short film is an original motion picture including all credits. Even though we are not able to define the term 'short film' properly we can say that it is also the job of professionals. Short films are often screened at local, national or even international film festivals. Many film makers prefer making short films as they allow one to work on a constricted budget, at times, no budget at all. The essentials of a short film include good script, location, actors, skillful camera handling, voice over, audio-video editing, special effects and many such things; of course, keeping in mind the budget if any.

Giving an outlet to the talent is the main concept behind a short film. As the name suggests, it is really short and hence requires utmost presence of mind combined with creativity while keeping the time limit in mind. The span of a short film can vary from just one minute to 45 minutes as well. Hence, according to the demand of the product one has to present the related essential factors precisely. Though it is short, it is not devoid of topics. It comprises of all the aspects of life including adventure, action, animation, drama, documentary, humour and so on. It can be focused for particular age groups as well.

So, if you have an idea for a short film and are in search of a talented mind, then you are at the right address. With SB Production Pvt. Ltd. you will find everything under one roof.